When Eurostar moved their London Terminal to St. Pancras station, they were looking to create an engaging environment for standard and business class passengers waiting to board their trains. 

I worked with Studiosimple and Land Design Studio to develop two interactive media installations for a partnership between Eurostar, The National Gallery and Google.

In addition, we created a subtle departure information screen for the premier business lounge.

All videos © Studiosimple
All photos © Land Design Studio


  • Interactive Installations


  • Design
  • Programming


  • Flash
  • Director
  • PHP
  • Actionscript


  • Eurostar / The National Gallery / Google

Station Masters

On 6 interactive coffee tables and large portrait glass shards, passengers can explore 100 paintings from the National Gallery collection while waiting for their train in the main departure lounge. They can zoom into parts of the painting to explore in great detail, find out about the artist and the story behind the paintings and send ecards using a tri-lingual touchscreen keyboard.

Eurostar Departures Station Masters Detail

Photo © Land Design Studio

Explore Europe

This installation lets Eurostar passengers explore any European towns, postcodes or streets, as well as watching fly-through tours of Eurostar’s direct destinations. Utilising Google Earth’s COM API I’ve developed a separate touchscreen interface, with which users can navigate the map displayed on a medium sized LCD and large Plasma screen.

Eurostar XploreEurope2

Photo © Land Design Studio

Business Premier Lounge Digital Signage

Hidden behind black glass, these screens come alive when a final call prompt is sent out from the Customer Information System, alerting Business Premier passengers to board their train.

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